I’m Donna Valentina — and I bring your most erotic dreams to life. Lucky you... its not every day you meet a creative producer with a background in sexuality education and a naturally curious, kinky mind.  

As a Full Service Fantasy Producer, I embrace and celebrate the contradictions within us all. My feminine power is seductive, nurturing and fierce. I appreciate the refined, sophisticated pleasures of life and embrace the dark side within human sexuality. As a resourceful, playful creative with an eye for detail, I love to bring new ideas to life, taking time to explore intricacies within the sensations and edges of a new experience. I take pride in caring for my cherished playthings and clients alike, treating everyone with compassion, curiosity and presence. 

I enjoy a wide range of BDSM activities, but this isn’t about me. It’s about you... from discovering your fantasies together to encountering all the sensual pleasures that Amsterdam has to offer, I’m here to help you craft salacious experiences you’ll never forget.   

wanna hear what the other PERVERTS have to say?

“existential eroticism” e.t.

“my dream? to be the star victim in a spy-porno. i wanted to be the russian bombshell, damsel in distress that is kidnapped, thrown in a helicopter and devoured by a gang of bad guys. and  wanted to be able to watch it over and over again. lights, camera, action. donna made my fantasy come true.”- janice m.

“donna took me to the edge and held me there by the skin of my teeth... over and over.” c.l.

“donna valentina is f u n! devilishly creative, wickedly fun! donna dominates!”
creepo peepers

“donna valentina is at once as hot as a blazing forge and as cold as the steel she uses to punish with.” s.b.

“although wildly provocative and adventurous, being in donna valentina’s energy is encouraging and makes her subjects feel cared for.” t.c.

“trying to find the white van in the dark at schiphol, and being bolted to the floor with metal straps is something i will never forget. it was immediately clear that the kidnap would be a serious affair. every other minute spent together was heavenly. to me it was all amazing, truly a perfect crime.” s.c.

"i was pronounced dead two times in a row working with donna. but she was kind enough to bring me back each time. thank you for my life, donna valentina.” harvey rose

“valentina took me to a bdsm shop and that was the beginning of a steep learning curve. no end in sight! we share a natural intuition, embracing eroticism as a life force, which is what makes working with her so enticing." ine ketamine

“valentina, emozioni: il suo corpo dalle forme perfette era di velluto. i suoi occhi profondi entravano nel mio stomaco. stare con lei era diventare un solo corpo.” p.n.

“i asked donna to feed my hole, and she delivered” m.m.

“i felt a weird kind of longing and melancholy after our time together, like i sometimes feel after returning from a really good holiday.” s.c.

“i loved being submissive, having to take orders, obey. it was exciting that she was in control of me. it also felt safe somehow. valentina is so good at pleasing me, and even better at punishing me.” m.h.

“the non conformist is obviously alienated from society.
But perhaps those who conform are aliented from themselves” - W.K.

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