Fantasy Exposure Therapy

You know a richer, deeper, more thrilling sexual life is possible, but you have no idea where to start. Together we will explore your unconscious wishes, bringing them to light — and to life — if you dare.

Sex Party Escort

Few things are more liberating than entering a room of people pursuing their pleasure with abandon. The intoxicating sights, sounds, smells all around you, temptation calling out from every corner. Don’t be intimidated, Donna will take you by the hand and initiate you into mysteries of the dark room...

Sex Styling & Personal Shopping

The seductive second skin of latex, the strength and power of leather, the feeling of being seen as you want to be seen — the ritual of transformation into our kinky selves cannot be overstated. Discover your alluring new look and fill your toy chest.

Photo Shoots

Immortalize the pleasure of living your innermost fantasy. Capture this moment by working with the best photographers, stylists and even other models (as you wish) at the ideal location. All will be meticulously cared for.

Anti-Indoctrination Camp 

Most of what we learned about sex didn’t come from us. Let’s unpack and unlearn beliefs which hold you back, making space for an empowered approach to sensuality and sexuality which will serve you far better.

BDSM Scenes

Do you dream of being overpowered by beautiful women? Live to serve as a cherished pet, whose only wish is to obey your beloved owner? Craving corrective corporal, or fantasize about being tied to a sailboat and whipped by mermaids? Alles kann, nichts muss...

Seductive Writing

Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.

Weddings. Yes, Really. 

We will honor who you truly are as a couple, crafting the wedding service of your dreams, to be presided over by the one and only Mistress of Ceremonies.

Whatever Else Your Heart Desires...

Something else captured your imagination? Tell me your desires, and if it’s a match, we will make magic happen together.

Are You Ready?

*full service refers to the quality of the production, intercourse is not on the menu. 
*tributes are determined by the time investment and complexity of the service.

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